Solbian – Day4 Technology

Solbian Energie Alternative srl, world manufacturing leader of crystalline silicon flexible solar panels, has official inaugurated a new production line for the production of high efficiency “Day4” solar cells in Avigliana, Torino (Italy).

The installation process for the Day4 cell production lines has been commenced last September 2016 in Solbian manufacturing site in Avigliana, and has now been successfully completed.

In addition to produce Day4 cells, Solbian further intends to engage Day4 to participate in joint research projects to increase the efficiency of the known “stay-powerful technology”, which interconnects the cells and collects their generated power.

The stay-powerful technology, based on Day4 Electrode, replaces the traditional solar cell soldering process and starting from blue-wafers allows Solbian to produce Solar Cells made in Italy.
Day4Europe as per the technology agreement signed will promote Solbian Day4-Tec branded products through its channels in all European and non-European markets.

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