Solar Shelters

Solar Shelters – PV Parking


Day4Europe has introduced suitable facilities to create photovoltaic parking shelters that are cost effective, modular and easy to be assembled.

The shelters that constitute the photovoltaic parking structures can be either “single post” that more traditionally double pole and are suitable to build car parks, lots or simply photovoltaic roofs which allow to obtain a shading and simultaneously producing energy.

The solar shelters which are the elements of the photovoltaic parks can be suitable to park one or two rows of cars and can be assembled in different layouts, suitable to address any specific request. The Solar Shelters – PV Parking can be assembled to address any specific request, and they are tested for every climate, snow and wind resistance. These structures Shed-1are shipped along with easy to install information and are suitable for any kind of ground. Please contact us for suggestions. Day4Europe is looking for representatives, if you are an EPC, or a PV builder please do not esitate to contact us.

The solar shelters scale from both single and double lines of cars up to cover whole parking lots, then finally also to cover agricultural areas or raising livestock.

 Solar Shelters – PV Parking:



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