Energy storage

solar-energy-storageTwo sector studies became available almost simultaneously and focused on the growth opportunities in the renewable energy sector, in particular photovoltaics and the simultaneous need to create micro storage points in order to encourage the most profitable use of energy.
The researcher Felix Creutzig and a team of analysts published a detailed report on the excellent opportunity for South Europe to transform the economy from consumers to producers of electricity, appropriately using currently renewable technologies, especially solar. This study also identifies the problem of the energy storage as a key to development with high growth rates. In confirmation of this comes from Italy, recently published data by the Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG), the news that more than 340,000 solar plants power plants of which the vast majority of less than 1MW/p installed in Italy have only 40% of self-consumed energy.
Analysts Lenin H. Balza and Christiaan Gischler on behalf of the IDB: Inter-American Development Bank have identified that the increase in energy demand by mainland Latin America and the Caribbean can be addressed without resorting to a massive use of fossil fuels, only by combining a strong expansion of energy from renewable sources in conjunction with the development of micro-storage of points distributed on the territory.