Italian authority AEEG on Storage

Interim rules for energy storage systems in Italy.
The Italian authority responsible for regulatory for Electricity and Gas (AEEG), responsible for the definition of rules on storage of electricity produced also from renewable sources has introduced new rules related to the eligibility of energy storage systems.

The rules, according to some, quite complex and also not all that clear, in the case of photovoltaic systems distinguishes storage facilities that are inserted on the  side of photovoltaic production, upstream of the “meter of production”, and storage facilities inserted downstream of the same. The principle which stands at the base is to regulate very precisely storage facilities that can also use the energy of the network to be recharged, compared to those that can be charged instead only from renewable sources. In any case, make the necessary sake of clarity that will come soon, this legislation, planned to “interim” until March 2015, will open to the storage systems a more solid and stable even in Italy.