Based on Day4 Technology, this is the ultimate evolution in Flexible Photovoltaic Panels. Using proprietary techno-polymers results in a weight of approximately 1/8th of the traditional panels while maintaining the same efficiency.

These technologies, Patented by Solbian Energie Alternative srl make installation of this patented panel versatile and easy. The backsheet can be white, transparent, or of any color required for the project.

Mounted on curved and rigid surfaces of any kind of material (concrete, galvanized sheet metal, plastic, wood) with very simple fastening rivets.

Glued on glass, aluminum, sheet metal and rigid plastic surfaces by using a previously prepared PV panel with structural bonding on the backsheet.

The Flexible Module allows the quick and easy installation of a PV System on any kind of surface with no additional structure and minimal preparation. Perfect for greenhouses, industrial buildings, vehicles, campers, boats, penthouses and other specialized applications.

Thanks to Day4’s Electrode Technology, this panel is one of the few in the world that withstand the most severe weather conditions, including heavy hail.


Flexible Solar Panel Based on Day4 Technology


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PV Flex Panel on PV Truck

PV Flex Panel on PV Truck