Day4Europe introduces new PV panels

Day4Europe introduces new PV panels

Day4Europe introduced with the beginning of 2015 a family of new PV panels , based on three bus bars cells technology, both mono crystalline and poly. These new PV panels are suitable for all applications and environments.

The high quality of the manufacturing process of new PV panels along with top quality material and the tests carried out guarantee PV panels able to meet any need and application for 3BB cell-based photovoltaic panels.

The new PV panels D4-MN-Ecopower (Mono) and D4-MC-Ecopower (Poly) are available in 36, 48 and 60 cells, and have capacities from 240 to 285Wp (in the version with 60 cells).

The new PV panels D4-Ecopower are available from stock in Europe and are ready for delivery to all European countries.


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