D4-Ecopower PV modules

PV modules high quality and low cost

New high performances PV Modules Mono: up to 315 and Poly: up to 285Wp !

New high performances D4 poly (D4-MC60-Ecopower) and D4 mono (D4-MN60-Ecopower) are designed with the key conductive patent developed by Day4!
We have combined the advantages of high conductive alloy with the price of 4 and 5 Bus Bars cells!

This allows the production of New high performances PV Modules Mono and Poly that combines the two key advantages: high performances and low cost!

With the knowledge and experience of over 12 years of photovoltaic cell and PV modules R&D, international patents and more that 200MW of installation around the world, Day4 offers a high energy, new PV Modules Mono and Poly are ideal for any kind of installation.

Perfect for plant and rooftop installations, these PV Modules Mono and Poly have been chosen because of their high intrinsic value and best price-performance ration on the market.

These Modules are designed to maximize the return on investment without compromising on product quality.
PV Modules Mono and Poly with 4BB and 5BB Cells are available with 60, 54, 48 and 36 cells to allows any application such as lighting and telecommunication systems.


Day4 Europe:
60 Cells Poly, from 230Wp to 285Wp:   D4-MC60 Ecopower
60 Cells Mono, 240 to 315Wp, silver black and black-black: D4-MN60-Ecopower

PV Modules Mono and Poly sold by Day4Europe have warranty insured (leading European Insurance Company, contact Day4 for details).



Poly: D4-MC60IEC 61215-61730 MC60  ; IEC 61215-61730  ;   IEC 61701
Mono:   IEC61215-61730 (mono)
Fire Class Resistance for all panels: UNI 9177 Class 1 – Reaction to Fire

These innovative Day4 PV Modules Mono and Poly are available from 3 stocks in Europe, Rotterdam, Munich and Milan.

Contact us for more information: info@d4europe.com, call us on +39 02 84573048