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Day4 Intelligence: High Efficiency Conversion PV Modules

Day4 MC-I

The Day4 Intelligence PV Module, Day4 MC-I, is based on the Day4 cells and system interconnect of the new “II generation technology”.
Day4 MC-I (I=Intelligent shadow protection) is designed in Canada in 2003 and manufactured through licensees around the world, Day4 MC-I PV Module produced with Day4 DNA incorporate significant technological advances designed to produce more electricity every day, in real-world conditions, and over the lifetime of the product.
Licensee companies produce Day4 MC-I PV Module under the quality control and according to the specifications of Day4Europe, Day4 MC-I are unique because incorporate significant technological advances aimed at improving solar energy conversion in electrical energy.

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Patented advantages.

The proprietary and patented Day4 DNA technologies provide key advantages over conventional crystalline PV modules. Day4 stay-powerful™ Technology enables several break-through innovations that are resulting in more electricity for customers across the globe.

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