Day4-München Solar Tec

Strategic Agreement

Kai Renewable Energy Solution GmbH, the PV Company established in Munich (Germany) signed a strategic agreement with Day4 Europe srl for the distribution of solar PV panels, solar cells and to share PV technology and know-how.

The Strategic Agreement between Kai and Day4 addresses WW PV Market opportunities.

As per immediate consequence Kai will make available München SolarTec (MST) panels for WW distribution leveraging on a unique synergy of different skills and in-depth industry experiences:
Local distribution and presence on the territory: setting up a distribution network to reach the companies that operate in the market of renewable energies. This will allow KAI to offer MST products, extremely valuable in terms of technology and quality, with very low distribution costs.
– Channel Organization (Channels): expertise in the channel organisation and sales policies aimed at supporting renewable energy facilities.
This innovative approach will streamline the MST costs of distribution in order to reflect the value of the goods without additional overhead costs.

Selection of materials (BoM): the expertise of over 15 years in the design and selection of materials for the construction of the best Photovoltaic Solar Panels.
– Selection of construction and delivery processes: the total quality is also achieved by a complete vertical integration: from ingot to module, from the factory to the installation site.
Investors and shareholders: provide financial strengths needed to supply and store large volumes of materials to grant Kai a constant production of MST Panels throughout the year.